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The agony of arrogance

We humans are a funny bunch of organisms. We think that because we can control these digits on the end of our hands and make them create words, it imbues us with some kind of special ability. 

But it doesn’t you know. it makes us gigantic asshats.

Now I know a little about a lot of things. I like to think I’m smart, intelligent, well read hell even ‘educated’ whatever that means. It’s that whole pride thing. I think being clever makes me special, unique, better than others. But a lot of us humans have that mind set. We need to be some thing praiseworthy. something that other humans seek to emulate, or compete with or be in awe of.

So we seek to better ourselves to prove our worth to the world, we take up a sport or hobby and post photos and tell everyone just how good we really are. We pretend to be bashful about it, we fake humility when what we really want is adulation.

We find interesting things to read and then jump onto facebook and proudly proclaim “this is really interesting I see what they’re saying and have to agree because that’s exactly what I think too” 

We run others down and joyfully point out the flaws and faults in their thoughts their logic their interpretation hell even their spelling and grammar because it some how proves us just that bit better. Makes us stand out even more.

We become fanatical in pointing out loudly just how thoughtful and compassionate and kind we are. How “evolved” we’ve become because we choose certain words or refute certain ideals “oh those idiots that think…….poor stupid people…..I feel sooooo sorry for dumb people”

Some how, some where we’ve picked a theme for our lives and insist on proving just how much better we are than the next person by proving just what an ignorant dickhead they are.

What the fuck folks? seriously. Reading something and believing it to be true because 14 other people wrote something similar and every “knows they’re leading experts in their field” and “who would be dumb enough NOT to do their own research after all”

that’s the agony of arrogance.

My arrogance almost cost my son his life. I thought I had something to prove by being more intelligent than the next parent. I thought I had the ability to do my own research and make conclusions based on solid scientific fact because i decided I was smart enough to know better. I wasn’t. And it nearly killed my beautiful innocent son. 

The agony of arrogance is believing yourself better than anyone else you talk too because no one could ever possibly understand you like you do. 

Don’t be a dick.

You’re not that clever.No one is.

Don’t be me.

Learn to listen. You might just learn.