Monthly Archives: May 2015

Back from the edge

I found my blog again, after a long long time. Along with the usual story of life in the way etc etc I needed to take a break from my writing as I found after my last post I was trying too hard. Trying too hard to be funny, trying too hard to impress people, trying too hard too be noticed. And it changed my writing from a form of expression and release and joy into bitterness and arrogance. In short, I wanted to be cool, I ended up being an ass.

Hindsight is awesome. Putting on my what were you doing goggles I have no right to claim ownership of autism. Everyone that travels travels their own way. Even in those tacky group tours, everyone experiences the sights and culture in a way that is meaningful to them and that’s how I need to view blogging about autism.

Our autism is not like anyone elses’ because our darling boy is not like anyone else. We don’t have the worry of wanders, we don’t get to have conversations about girls and sports and video games. So all I can do with this blog is be true, be honest. I can’t promise to myself to be polite lets face it I’m not, or respectful again, people piss me off.

So I’ll stop trying to impress and maybe that will be good enough. Life isn’t a popularity contest.