This is an example of a page. It has bits of me on it. Sorry about the mess. So anyway this is me. An overweight outta shape mother to 6. Our youngest is severely low functioning autistic. We live in New Zealand in the 6th most populous city of 75,000 people and the services, support and opportunities for family with autistic children is a joke, which pretty much makes my life a joke, so I come here and write to cope.

Due to the schools around here being mainstream and chronically under funded and under educated I do what I can to educate my son at home, that usually involves, large about of screaming on my part and even larger amounts of nudity of his part. I’m married to a pretty awesome guy who works the graveyard shift in the emergency department of our hospital. Let’s just say our “a funny thing happened to me at work today” stories are fairly interesting.

We live with the crazy cast of characters there’s me – Lumpy Mumma headbutt tester and microwave operator, Ultimate Dadda, good for squishes, Mumbleteen, our 16 year old blue haired goth boy, The Girl, our 10 year old blonde bombshell/bombsite/bombadeir and The Great Autistic one our 8 year old barley verbal non toilet trained hyperactive non eater ball of extreme extremes. There ‘s a supporting crew of various relatives and a couple of friends but mostly it’s us and a rather paranoid cat.

Thanks for stopping by, and if by any chance you don’t like the way I think that’s ok I don’t need you too but please note, I’m doing something right for myself and feel free to not complain to me about it and you’re welcome to not visit again.

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