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I ain’t dead……….yet

Been a while, a long while actually. there is a reason and some day soon I may even share it but in the mean time life carries on. Autism is still our faithful friend. The great autistic one is now 8 and 1/2 and still basically the same. We brought our first car some almost 4 months ago and we’ve racked the the mileage or as we don’t say in this country the kilometerage driving here, there and every freakin where.

For reason I choose not to divulge yet we had to take a long trip recently. Now where I live in little bitty ole N.Z. we are a 2 island nation. And by that I mean while yes there are other islands dotted around the place they appear to be inhabited by strange people with not enough teeth and a unhealthy interest in hemp clothing and the native wildlife so “we” like to pretend there are only 2 islands. As we’re such creative folk here we have really stretched the ole noggins and called them the North Island and the…………….wait for it………………….South Island. Pretty impressive huh.

SOOOOOOOOO anyway a couple of months ago we had to travel from North Island(where we live) to South Island(where we used to live). We drove I don’t know why, I guess we’re just sadists like that. Anyway it’s a reasonably decent drive it takes about 12 hours in total and 3 and a half of them are on a boat.

yep a boat. Autism on a boat. It was ………….interesting. Flapping on a boat takes a skill set little dude sorted in fairly rapid fashion

The Cook straight is reported to be one of the rougher ferry crossing in the world. Now I can’t say for certain if that the case and don’t see the need to test the theroy.

The trip was great bouncy in an up and down rough water kinda way. Flapping while spinning while boat is rocking, little dude spun right into the boat wall??? Anyway is was metal there was an impressive boing!! ANd he just shook himself and carried on spinning.

Ultimate dadda and I found our selves saying such gems as “no, no licking the boat” yummmmmmmmmm salty goodness. “no no looking under the doors” we had the good sense to hire a privet cabin for the journey and little dude discovered there were gaps under all the doors. “no,we don’t sniff  him” in the car deck little dude took a fancy to the dock worker that was directing passengers to their cars.

While we were away we stayed with little dudes grandparents that haven’t really seen him in years. They were impressed. And awesome.

The reason we were away wasn’t pleasant but the actual travelling made it better.

One day we might even do it again for the right reasons.


One more Awesome out of you and you’re getting a Smack!

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family? Anyone heard that one?


I am not by nature a participially sociable person. I have very few friends and that is by choice. Sometimes I blame me for not having a wider social circle, sometimes my up-bringing, my ex, my husband and OFTEN Autism. But I don’t think it’s any of these really. I just think I don’t like people. They baffle me, annoy, disgust, confuse, horrify and irritate me.

That said I do have a few friends. But what defines a “FRIEND”. I sense a list……….

As confirmed by facebook =72 (this does include 12 relatives though) so 60

Ask for bail money = 1

Get blind drunk with = used to be about 40 now maybe 6 or 7

Look to for consolation when bad news occurs = 3

Share good news with = 20

Regularly correspond with (weekly via any format) = 5

Ask to babysit the great Autistic one =0


So what that list shows is that I have 3 or 4 people in my life I really like and they are all great friends. Unwavering in their support, always there with a comment or urgh the ubiquitous cyber *hugs* which irritates me no end. These guys ‘get’ me. And I love really really like and respect and enjoy that about each and every one of them.

But (and there always has to be a but in blogs like this)

Awesome. Your Awesome, you guys are Awesome, you’re doing an Awesome job, you’re such Awesome parents. You’re so Awesome with (the great autistic one).

Really? Awesome? No I’m not awesome.


I get that my friends are trying to convey, pride or respect or or something else but awesome is not the word I’m thinking of.

Tired, Disorganized, Slack, Rude, Short tempered, Frustrated, Fed-up, Self-absorbed, Dis-interested, Confused, Ungrateful. Yes all of things. But Awesome. It’s a hell of job description to live up ton a daily basis.

Friends. Love the thought. Appreciate the unwavering faith in my abilities as autism mummy of the moment.  And I do mean that. In writing this post there is a nagging sense of ingratitude which is not the case. Hell I’d give you bail money if I had it, talk on the telephone *shudder* if you needed me too. I’d even respect you enough to sit there have let you waffle on about shoes, or rugby or other such things that bore me. And I respect you for not understanding CAptain Tightpants references and my obsessive need to own a Jayne hat

But please lay off with the awesome. Please. It’s hard work living up to your own expectations let alone everybody else’s. As my friends I know they’ll get this. I’m sure there be accolades of another sort along with messages of “oh I don’t know how you manage” “I don’t think I could” “but YOU ARE awesome” “we just think your an incredible person doing an amazing job”

The secret is I’m just a person. Raising a kid. Any other decent parent worth a damn would do JUST AS GOOD a job as I’m doing and possibly a lot better too. I’m not some Autism guru scheduling every moment of the day, writing social stories, participating in the lastest round of therapy, trooping off on a bus for swim/music/gym lessons.  I can’t even get my act together to vacuum his room most days, let alone create the wall to wall pecs orientated visual timetable he deserves. I am many things, my husband and kids are many things. My friends are a fantastic bunch of people that brighten my darkest days and laugh at my cheesiest jokes. It’s all about you guys baby!

Hell I think it’s an achievement if I get through the day with my own undies on, without losing any of the kids, setting the kitchen on fire, flooding the laundry kicking the cat, swearing at the t.v. or trading the kids dog for a remote controlled helicopter.

Cause lets face it. Remote controlled helicopters are……………Image

So internets what say you? Do you have the most amazing set of friends ever? Any one word you hear that drives you nuts? How about living up to expectations? I’d love to hear from you