No respite, no return

Ask anyone today if it is a ‘good’ thing that such things as mental institutes no longer exist  Closed hospital wards and childrens’ homes are now a part of our collective past.

Ask anyone and they’ll say it “progress” and those places were ‘dehumanizing” and “cruel”

In today’s world community care rules the way, we are “supported” at home to care for our relatives with special needs. When they turn into adults they can if they’re “lucky” enter into group homes.

But do yourself a favour and don’t ask me. Not today.

Today my son has screamed and screamed and screamed.

He is on the highest does allowable of the medication to prevent this behaviour and he’s still screaming

He has been screaming non stop for 6 hours. He has violently lashed out. He has headbutted me pulled my hair out by the roots, gouged at my face and eyes, jammed his thumb up under the bone of my eye socket. He has smacked his head into a wall breaking more tiles in the bathroom. He has slapped and smacked his dadda.

He shows no sign of stopping.

I don’t know why he’s screaming. He started out of the blue when we were in the car.

6 hours of screaming.

And I can’t get him to stop.

And there is no-one who can help us. There is no safe place for him or us to go. There is no person we can call to come and help. There is no agency for us to turn to. There is no such thing as emergency care. I can’t even call the good folks charged with child protection in this country.

Instead we sit trapped in our home, utterly powerless waiting for this child to stop screaming.

So don’t tell me we live in an “enlightened” world.

Don’t you dare try and tell me that today is a good day to live in this world of “progress” and “enrichment” and “community based care”

Just don’t.

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