Madness? This is AUTISM!

It’s been a while since I was here last. Life has happened and instead of blogging about it I thought I might get up off the couch and interact with it, so in summary the past 4 weeks have brought

1) The Great Autistic one is no longer in school. That followed a series of meetings at school where the only progress was my ability to invent new swear words under my breath. So far school at home is a blast, mainly because I don’t get paid to give a shit if he is actually learning anything “useful”. I am down to only a few headbutts a day, and it’s a little hard for him to rip his pants when he doesn’t wear any.

2) At one point there I managed to have a cough, head cold, earache, infection in my jaw from a rotten tooth severe sleep deprevation from only getting 3 hours sleep a  night due to a certain someone having midnight to 4am concerts, party, callisthenics, border disputes, police actions, riots fun in his room, the only thing missing was the roadies

3)Now the damn dog has developed a sore tooth. What? I get the plague and it’s oh honey that’s not good, here have some panadol I’m going to bed. Damn dog gets toothache and he’s out there cooking up meals and spoon feeding her, holding the paw, belly rubs the works.

4)Mumbleteen has had his first ever major high school exams, not sure how he did yet but I caught something about “yeah history piss easy the depression-everyone was sad ” and something else about “I cant even spell algebra let him find his own fucking X” That’s my boy!

5) My mother managed to fall over, break her hip, get told it might have been a tumor, get told it wasn’t a tumor, get transferred to different hospital, check herself out of hospital against advice, get a relative to stay with her to help, kick the relative out and declare to one and all she’s all better now and can do everything herself.

Did I mention it’s spring down here in the antipodes? Cleaning, weeding, mowing, defoliating without napalm, building and general gardeney stuff.

Phew, knackered yet? No? Ok great cause there’s more……..

Yeah it’s called life. It happens. With or without autism, life happens. 

Autism just makes it more interesting.

Especially at 4am

Just recently someone accused me of being snarky and pissy at their best beloved

Pardon the fuck outta me, I’ve been a little involved with ……life

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I am a first class procrastinator. I live in a tiny country famous for it's scenery much spoilt by hobbits and orcs chasing each other around and getting mud of the carpet. I like handicrafts and love learning I am an Atheist. I am a proud geek and married to a man who buys my love with Star Wars figures and firefly t-shirts I have a 9 year old severely autistic son plus several other children-at last count. I also have a cat with OCD and ASD a dog with ADD and George the cat who is too beautiful to be bright. I also probably have ADD as I frequently lose track of my thoug......... View all posts by the dudes mumma

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